For a better understanding and to complete all those elements linked to the brand experience that influence the buying process, we count with the collaboration of experts that introduce concepts to improve our business development, from different disciplines and points of view.

Insik W. Yoon

Ego consumans, sociologist. Bookad Lab CEO.

Josep Ferrando

Architect. Josep Ferrando combine the fields of architecture, design and construction with the creative academic activities. He has been teaching at various notable universities since 1998. Included in this list is, Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB), La Salle Engineering and Architecture School, University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC), Istituto Europeo di Design, Hochschule für Technik in Zürich (HSZT) and Escola de Disseny i Art (Eina).  He has also been an invited guest teacher at Escola da Cidade in Sao Paulo, Universidade Positivo (UNICENP) in Curitiba and Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR). Furthermore, Josep has also held conferences at, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires, Harvard University and the UIA Congress in Tokyo. His work has been exhibited in various countries including the USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Portugal.

Rebecca Mason

Rebecca is a commercial interior designer who truly believes in the multidisciplinary nature of design and creation. After working in Toronto, Canada, for over five years, Rebecca came to Barcelona to become inspired by the unique design philosophy of the city and of course, the never ending blue skies. After completing her Masters in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces at IED Barcelona (on scholarship), she is now working with the same Masters Program, leading conceptual installation workshops. Rebecca is also the co-founder of two start-up businesses in Barcelona, Etika Projects, a full service art, design and branding agency, and The Welkin Contest, a competition platform providing real life opportunities to creatives looking for their big break.

Alexandra Gunnarsson

Alex Gunnarsson, a multidisciplinary designer with a specialty of concept and strategy development. She has been active in Milan, Barcelona, New York and Tel aviv. Today she is working as the Head of Process & Design at a leading visualization firm, based in Stockholm when she’s not acting from the graphic production in Bangkok.

Erika Herrera

Erika is the editor of the blog Fascination for Shop Windows on retail trends, visual merchandising and store design. As well, collaborates with We Are Shop Talk, a bimonthly publication on retail and visual merchandising. She studied Industrial Design in Monterrey and worked as designer of commercial spaces. Is currently studying a Master in International Fashion Retailing at the University of Manchester.

Elena Rocchi

Architect, artist, teacher and a social contributor citizen. She defines herself as an Agent of creative experience. Artist at «RE:», Principal since 2008, and Professor at the Architectural School at ESARQUIC, Barcelona, Spain, and Professor of Thesis and CO_Director of Master “Interior Design for Commercial Spaces” at IED Istituto Europeo di Design. She has been Senior Architect and Office Director of Miralles Tagliabue Associated Architects from 1995 to 2008. She gave lectures and Workshops in Spain, England, Germany, USA, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina in different Universities and institutions. Centered on architecture and theory, Elena Rocchi focuses critical attention on the contemporary various contexts of design thinking process. She intends architecture/representation/teaching and art through the continuum that exists between them, that moves from one project to the other one. She progresses with all her work at once as a continous project altered daily.

Noelia Cabezas

Noelia, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master in Fashion Business in IED (direction and management of fashion companies) and in Trend Analysis and Coolhunting in the Ramon Llull University. Began her experience in the world of events, and later became part of the group Festina Lotus as responsible for sponsors (Moto GP, The Tour), fairs (BaselWorld) and as marketing manager, developing campaigns with 360º application, B2B and B2C communication and leading the image and communication of the retail chain, Time Road. Currently working with agencies and SMEs as a project manager in new formats of experiential marketing and new business comunication.

Montse Milian

Montse conducts studies of Traditional Feng Shui for individuals, stores and businesses. Harmonizes indoor and outdoor spaces to take advantage of the energy of the environment and to improve the welfare of both people and their relations and economy. Studied Feng Shui with Silvestre Pérez Pérez and Natividad Pérez Domingo, pioneers of this discipline in Spain, and Chinese Astrology (Ba Zi) and I Ching with the Master Joseph Yu, considered one of the best specialists in the world. In addition, she has a degree in Philology from the University of Barcelona and Postgraduate in Business Management from the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). It has a long career in the area of Communication and Business Management, allowing her to have a global view when to work for companies and businesses. Her vocation: to provide improving opportunities to the maximum number of people possible.





Maja Zalaszewska

Maja Zalaszewska, Bachelor of International Communications at The American University of Paris worked for a long time in advertising, marketing and business media, in various interesting locations (living in Poland, France, Israel, Tanzania). At one point she decided to focus on her biggest passion – design. Master of Commercial Space Design at IED in Barcelona, she now uses her previous experience by stressing the importance of identity in design. She runs a design studio id&sign based in Poznan, Poland, and Rome, Italy.


Maysan Al Chawa

Maysan Al Chawa, Interior Designer & Assistant professor. Maysan’s work comes from response to issues of cultural and social strata. Her approach is to create commercial and non commercial spaces that tackle those key issues and reflect the identity of the Middle Eastern region, where she spent most of her life. Seeking inspiration in 2013, travelled to Barcelona and had her Master degree in Interior Design for commercial spaces. She is currently a freelance interior designer and teaching interior design studio in Prince Mohammad University, KSA.


Deniz Yavuz

As a result of her interest and curiosity about design and visual arts, it was not a big surprise that Deniz found herself in the Fine Arts faculty and graduated as an interior architect. After two years of work experience in Istanbul, Turkey, she decided to specialize in Interior design for commercial spaces, thus she attended IED Barcelona. She is currently working as an interior architect&designer at LAGOMproject, of which she is also co-founder. The studio is based in Istanbul, but it is on the hunt of design news from all over the world and new explorations sharing on LAGOMproject’s blog.


Elia Tsvetanova

Elia Tsvetanova is a Bulgarian multidisciplinary designer based in Barcelona, a city that captivated her with its unique Mediterranean culture and endless sources of creative inspiration. She completed her Bachelor studies in Interior Design at IED Barcelona and her thesis project was selected as a 2nd place finalist. Therefore, she was chosen to represent IED at Bulgaria’s One Design Week 2014. Elia believes in the constant expansion of horizons and thus she has worked in Graphic, Product and Commercial spaces design, as well as completing a course in Personal Shopping & Image Consulting due to her love for fashion. Currently, she is working as a Junior Interior & Graphic designer at Marc Guitart Studio, specialized in Strategic Brand Management.


Anna Gorokhova

Anna Gorokhova, High School of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts in Sochi, Bachelor in International Communication at the Russian University of Friendship by Patrice Lumumba in Moscow, Master in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces at IED Barcelona. After a few years of working as graphic artist and then as design projects’ administrator at a Studio in New York, she found herself in Interior Design and then co-founded Art Bureau in Sochi. Her personal belief is that recyclable design and natural materials’ usage is a part of her own professional duty.


Laurence Maillotte

Laurence Maillotte, fashion industry. In charge of promoting brands in big accounts, such as department stores in France. Her mission is to build a good relationship between the purchasing department and the floor team in order to increase sales.


Joyce Chen

Joyce Chen, architectural & interior designer, who has overseen multi-disciplined projects encompassing mixed-use, retail, commercial, hotel and high-end residential projects throughout the Asia-Pacific regions over the last decade. Joyce has in-depth knowledge about retail projects from large scale shopping centres to small boutique stores. Her design experiences mainly came from her diverse working and living abroad experiences across different countries. After completing her Master course in IED, Interior Design for Commercial Spaces in Barcelona, 2010, she moved to Shanghai, China, and worked as an associate in the international award winning firm Aedas. In 2015, Joyce relocated herself to Sydney, Australia.


Farzaneh Kia

Farzaneh Kia, architect and designer, received her bachelor’s degree in engineering of architecture at Islamic Azad University of Tehran markaz in Iran. Afterwards, she pursued her first master’s studies in engineering of architecture at the Budapest University of technology and economics because she wanted to follow her passion. She received her second master in interior of commercial spaces from the IED institute in Barcelona, Spain. She is currently in the MBA in Design Strategy program because she believes a strong foundation in the design thinking process will deepen her skills in problem solving and business modeling. She believes an architect with skills in design-thinking can bring informed influence to the decision-making and business planning process.



Preityjain pursued her Bachelor of Interior Design  (B.Des)  from SRM University, India, and worked in  the  top metropolitan cities for various design studios. She freelanced  in  India during and after her graduation (in Bombay, Chennai, Bangalore, Coonoor) and decided after to passionately achieve her next dreams of designing, traveling and practicing design at an international standard. Therefore, she is now in Barcelona as a practicing designer after completing her Masters In Interior Design and Comercial Spaces at IED.


Ana Mesa

Ana Mesa is a Colombian architect who completed her bachelor studies at the Pontificia Bolivariana University, in Medellin, Colombia. Immediately after her graduation she came to Barcelona, and ended up falling in love with this international, boundless, Mediterranean city, so decided to start studying a postgraduate in lighting design at IED institute, and is currently attending a Masters degree in interior design for commercial spaces in the same school. She believes in design as one system composed by different branches, where they must all be considered as a unity in order to represent, communicate, and develop a structured design. This is what she aims for when creating a space, an idea or concept.

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  2. me llamo erika herrera (como una de sus colaboradoras) soy interiosrista y justamente estoy viviendo en barcelona porq estoy estudiando un master en retail design en elisava.. que loca coincidencia 🙂 saludos!!

    • Encantados Erika! También nosotros tenemos relación con Elisava y hemos colaborado con ellos durante muchos años (Marc Guitart). Celebramos la coincidencia con «nuestra» Erika, colaboradora Mexicana de gran talento y quedamos a tu disposición para cualquier cosa. Gracias por el saludo 😉

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