Shanghai Retail Tour Experience

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An Immersion In The World Of Technology

Energetic, open and artistic. Shanghai becomes a cultural epicenter with districts focused on the expansion of contemporary art, where luxury and tradition go hand in hand.

Shanghai, with its more than 20 million inhabitants and a perfect mix between Eastern culture and Western elements, is a benchmark for technology and innovation, pioneer of many of the new retail modalities.

This is why the brandcelona® team has traveled to the capital of digitalization, in order to be able to study different references as way of inspiration for trends in retail, together with a group of entrepreneurs from the pharmaceutical sector who have an innovative and disruptive vision and that bet to leave the comfort zone, which we also call Game Changers.

In the case of a 100% digital market, which could mean the extinction of the physical points of sale, Shanghai has managed to merge Offline and Online media, to prevent these modalities from competing with each other. How did he do it? Through experience. In the first place, there is a greater participation of mobile devices when it comes to buying, so it is very common to see labels of products with QR codes that redirect directly to more detailed information of what is purchased. The cash is practically eradicated, thanks to the use of digital cards that you can easily use from your mobile phone.

Regarding the attention, although we could say that with the use of technology we might be facing much faster and irrelevant interactions, what happens is the opposite, since there are businesses where it has reached such a level of customization according to the user’s need, which a couple of years ago we would never have imagined.

Supermarkets such as Hemma, a pioneer of digitalization when buying, have managed to break with the old paradigms and take the shopping experience to a level far above the acquisition of the product itself.

On one of our brandcelona® retail tours, you are given the opportunity to experience and face the upcoming and new markets and trends within retail and brand positioning. A retail tour might be the next step to find inspiration and explore what possibilities your business can achieve, within customers needs, interests and shopping experience in the future.

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Una inmersión en el mundo de la tecnología

Energética, abierta y artística. Shanghái se convierte en epicentro cultural con distritos enfocados en la expansión del arte contemporáneo, donde el lujo y la tradición van de la mano.

Shanghai, con sus mas de 20 millones de habitantes y una mezcla perfecta entre la cultura oriental y elementos occidentales es un referente de tecnología e innovación, pionera de muchas de las nuevas modalidades del retail.

Es por esto que el equipo de brandcelona® ha viajado a la capital de la digitalización, con el fin de poder estudiar diferentes referentes como medios de inspiración para las tendencias en retail, junto con un grupo de empresarios del sector farmacéutico que tienen una visión innovadora y disruptiva y que apuestan por salir de la zona de confort, a los que también llamamos “game changers“.

Tratándose de un mercado 100% digital, lo que supondría la extinción de los puntos de venta físico, Shanghái ha logrado fusionar los medios Offline con los Online, para evitar que estas modalidades compitan entre ellas. ¿Cómo lo ha hecho? A través de la experiencia. En primer lugar, existe una mayor participación de los dispositivos móviles a la hora de comprar, por lo que es muy común ver etiquetas de productos con códigos QR que redireccionan directamente a información más detallada de lo que se compra. El dinero en efectivo se encuentra prácticamente erradicado, gracias al uso de tarjetas digitales que puedes utilizar fácilmente desde el móvil.

En cuanto a la atención, si bien podríamos decir que con el uso de la tecnología tal vez nos estaríamos enfrentando a interacciones mucho más rápidas e irrelevantes, lo que sucede es todo lo contrario, puesto que hay comercios donde se ha llegado a tal nivel de personalización de acuerdo a la necesidad del usuario, que hace un par de años atrás jamás nos habríamos imaginado.

Supermercados como Hemma, pionero de la digitalización al comprar, han logrado romper con los antiguos paradigmas y llevar la experiencia de compra a un nivel muy por encima de la propia adquisición del producto.

 En un retail tour de brandcelona® tienes la oportunidad de experimentar y afrontar las futuras tendencias y los nuevos mercados en materia de retail y posicionamiento de marca. Un retail tour es el siguiente paso para inspirarse y explorar qué posibilidades puede alcanzar tu negocio en el futuro, en el marco de las necesidades del usuario, sus intereses y su shopping experience.

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Magical Shopping experience at one of the oldest shopping malls in the world! // سحر آمیزخرید در یکی از قدیمی ترین مراکز خرید در جهان! تجربه


For a better understanding and to complete all those elements linked to the brand experience that influence the buying process, we will count with the collaboration of experts that will introduce concepts that will improve our business development, from different disciplines and points of view. Today we are pleased to introduce a text of Farzaneh Kia, architect and interior designer.

Sustainable shopping malls need to be more than trading centers. Otherwise, they could not compete among so many shopping malls that are built and expand every day. The reason why costumers go back to the same shopping mall is not just for buying a particular product. It is more than that. It is because of the experiences that a specific shopping mall delivers to them and motivates them to consider that as entertainment, nostalgia, place for spending quality time and many more. In the case when those experiences in the shopping mall resonate with the users, it is resulting in the shopping mall attracting more users, every day and as a result it becomes more sustainable and profitable over time.

It is essential before designing the mall and arranging elements to go through design thinking processes. Assembling the team of experts to identify the need of people who goes shopping, not only for purchases but also considering what kind of experiences they would like to achieve while they are there, is a key for a successful start point. The vision and mission of the project need to be defined clearly before any execution. This makes the branding of the mall much more grounded and adding extra values to that mall. One of the great examples of this kind of shopping mall is Grand Bazar in Tehran, Iran.

Ground Bazar is an amazing shopping mall that is on the top of the list recommended for locals and tourists to visit. Maintaining the same Bazar as 300 hundred years ago and still remaining the best mall in the town is the evidence of thoughtful design, arrangements, division and everything relating to. This terrific traditional Middle Eastern shopping mall is in the heart of Tehran close to Golestan Palace, an amazing landmark in the area. In the bazar you can find whatever you desire, in best quality and at best price.

Grand bazar is the center of trading business in the city. The bazar is consisting of narrow traditional covered alleys with enormous shops on each side. Each part of the bazar allocate to similar products which makes it easier for users to find the products they are looking for. Blue shrines and mosques enhance the beauty of the bazar and make it more attractive. Besides the shopping retails, there are many famous Persian restaurants with fantastic traditional Persian cuisine. Grand bazar is the symbol of ancient Iran. Persian culture, architecture, history, traditions all together is represented fully in each and all part of the Bazar. It is full of life, color, taste, texture, design, etc. Therefore, it is not a big surprise if people who are new to this Bazar got distracted easily by each beauty of bazar and get lost. However, getting lost in bazar is not necessarily a red flag for new customers. Those narrow paths took users to completely new designs which bring wonder experiences for them and make them more curious to explore this mysterious mall. More importantly, the culture of the bazar has prominent role regarding to user experiences. New customers would feel trust and safety as soon as they are in the ambiance. The people working in the Bazar are like a big family. They work in the bazar for a long time. Mostly the employers continue their grand grand father’s job in Bazar. Therefore, everyone there is clearly familiar with the culture of Bazar. All the staff is so warm, welcoming, caring and helpful to users. Hospitability is an undeniable character of Persians and it is important part of the culture. The sellers would have conversations with costumers and serve them Persian tea and sweets when they enter the shops and treat them in a way that make them feel special. Besides, antiquity of bazar brings credibility to the market. Tourists usually get lots of attention and get good deals. Moreover, people there always try to help them with anything and give them advice if needed.

To sum up, the location of the Bazar, the traditional architecture, design and arrangement together with the important culture of Bazar evoke beauty, wonder, trust, credibility, uniqueness, nostalgic, comfort, wisdom and many more meaningful experiences that make customers to go back and be in the same environment again and again.

Farzaneh Kia


مرکز خرید پایدار باید بیش ازیک مرکز تجاری معمول باشد ، در غیر این صورت ، نمی تواند در میان بسیاری از مراکز خرید که روز به روز ساخته و گسترش میابد به رقابت بپردازد. دلیل اینکه مشتریان به مراکز خرید می روند تنها فقط برای خریدن محصول نیست، خیلی بیشتر از آن است. این به دلیل است که مشتری در یک مرکز خرید تجربه خاص کسب کرده و در نتیجه آن مرکز خرید را به عنوان سرگرمی ، نوستالژی، جایی برای صرف وقت با کیفیت و بسیار دلایل دیگر نیز در نظر می گیرد. در مواردی که آن تجربه در مرکز خرید با کاربران طنین اندازد ، آن مرکز خرید کاربران بیشتری را هر روز جذب کرده و در نتیجه در طول زمان پایدار و سودآور می گردد.

فرآیندهای تفکر طراحی قبل از طراحی بازار و تنظیم عناصرآن امری ضروری است . راه اندازی گروهی از کارشناسان برای شناسایی نیاز افرادی که خرید می روند ، نه تنها از جنبه خرید بلکه نوع تجاربی که کاربر در مرکز خرید کسب می کند، کلیدی برای یک نقطه شروع موفق است. چشم انداز و ماموریت پروژه باید به وضوح قبل از هر گونه اجرا تعریف شود. این باعث می شود نام تجاری مرکز خرید ریشه دارتر و ارزش های مفهومی به آن اضافه گردد. یکی از نمونه های بارز این نوع مرکز خرید بازار بزرگ در شهر تهران است.

بازار بزرگ تهران یک مرکز خرید شگفت انگیز است که در بالای لیست برای مردم محلی و گردشگران برای بازدید توصیه می گردد. حفظ کردن این بازار همانند سیصد سال پیش و هنوز هم باقی ماندن به عنوان بهترین مرکز خرید در شهر، شواهد طراحی متفکرانه، ترتیبات ، تقسیم و همه چیز مربوط به آن می باشد. این مرکز خرید فوق العاده و سنتی خاورمیانه در قلب تهران نزدیک به کاخ گلستان که از اماکن شگفت انگیز در این منطقه است قرار دارد. دراین بازار شما می توانید هر آنچه می خواهید ، در بهترین کیفیت و در بهترین قیمت پیدا کنید.

بازار بزرگ مرکز کسب و کار تجارت در شهرتهران است. این بازار متشکل از کوچه های باریک مسقف سنتی با مغازه های بسیار زیاد در هر دو طرف می باشد. هر بخش از بازار به محصولات مشابه اختصاص دارد که باعث می شود آن را برای کاربران از نطر پیدا کردن محصولات درخواستی آسان تر کند. زیارتگاه های آبی رنگ و مساجد، زیبایی بازار را چندین برابر و آن را جذاب تر نموده است. علاوه بر مغازه ها، بسیاری از رستوران های معروف ایرانی با غذاهای سنتی فوق العاده در بازار وجود دارد. بازار بزرگ نماد ایران باستان است. فرهنگ فارسی، معماری، تاریخ، سنت همه و همه با هم به طور کامل در هرقسمت بازار نمایان و بخشی از بازار شده است. این بازار پر از زندگی، رنگ، طعم، بافت، طراحی، و غیره است . بنابراین، عجیب نیست اگر افرادی جدید که به این بازار میایند به راحتی توسط زیبایی های بازار متحیر و مسیرشان را گم کنند. با این وجود، گم شدن در بازاز لزوما یک نشانه منفی برای مشتریان جدید نمی باشد. مسیرهای باریک، کاربران را به سمت طرح های جدید سوق داده که تجربه های حیرت آوربرای آنها ایجاد نموده و آنها برای کشف این مرکز مرموز زیبا ،کنجکاوترمی نماید. از همه مهمتر، فرهنگ بازار نقش برجسته ای درتجربه کاربران ایفا می نماید. مشتریان جدید اعتماد و معمولا شغل پدر بزرگ های خود را در بازار ادامه امنیت را به محض ورود به بازار احساس مینمایند. بازار مانند یک خانواده بزرگ است. شاغلین بازار برای یک مدت طولانی در این مکان کار میکنند و می دهند بنابراین، هر کس به وضوح با فرهنگ بازار آشنا می باشد. همه شاغلین بازار خیلی خونگرم، صمیمی و کمک رسان می باشند. مهمان نوازی یک از صفات غیر قابل انکار ایرانیان است و آن بخش مهمی از فرهنگ بازار نیز میباشد. فروشندگان هنگام ورود مشتریان با آنها گفتگو کرده و به آنها چای و شیرینی تعارف می کنند و سعی می کنند به آن ها احساس خاص بودن بدهند. به علاوه قدمت بازار در اعتبار بازار نقش چشمگیری دارد . گردشگران معمولا توجه و معاملات خوبی دریافت می نمایند و فروشندگان همیشه سعی کنید به آنها را کمک کرده و در صورت نیاز آنها را مشاوره دهند.

به طور خلاصه ، مکان قرار گیری بازار ، معماری سنتی ، طراحی و چیدمان و مهمتر از همه فرهنگ بازار، تجارب زیبایی، شگفت ، اعتماد، اعتبار ، منحصر به فرد بودن ، دلتنگی ، آسایش ، دانش و بسیار معانی دیگر را شکل می دهد که باعث می شود مشتریان مایل باشند بارها و بارها در این مکان حضور پیدا کرده و تجارب جدید کسب نمایند.

فرزانه کیا


The Swedish fika // El fika sueco




Once more, we find a new word that is not meant to be translated into other languages or that belongs exclusively to a certain culture or city, as we already experienced in one of our previous posts about the Danish hygge. It is now time for their neighbors and their famous fika, a very common practice, which consists in taking breaks during normal workdays, with the aim of gathering and socializing, while enjoying a drink –usually a coffee–. But such important social and working event is no longer found only at work; now it is also part of the retail world.

This is the case of the Södermalm area, in Stockholm, a very famous place, which has spaces, where the shopping experience goes far beyond everything, as they offer spots where to chill and enjoy the fika, as well as to share knowledge. Once again, we find places, where we can feel the desired 2.5 space: places, where you have the in-between feeling of being at home and at work.

On one of our brandcelona® retail tours, you are given the opportunity to experience and face the upcoming and new markets and trends within retail and brand positioning. A retail tour might be the next step to find inspiration and explore what possibilities your business can achieve, within customers needs, interests and shopping experience in the future.

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Una vez más, nos encontramos ante términos intraducibles o propios de una cultura o ciudad en concreto, como ya pudimos ver en nuestro post anterior sobre el hygge danés. Esta vez es el turno de sus vecinos suecos y su famoso fika, una práctica muy común, que consiste en tomar “breaks” durante la jornada laboral, con el fin de juntarse y socializar mientras disfrutas tomándote algo –normalmente un café–. Pero este importante evento social ya no sólo forma parte de la vida social y laboral; ahora también encontramos ejemplos de ello en el mundo del retail.

Éste es el caso del barrio de Södermalm en Estocolmo, una conocida zona que cuenta con espacios donde la experiencia de compra va mucho más allá, y donde se ofrecen lugares en los que relajarse y donde disfrutar del fika, además de compartir conocimiento. De nuevo, encontramos espacios donde sentir el tan ansiado espacio 2.5: lugares a camino entre la sensación de estar en casa y en el trabajo.

En un retail tour de brandcelona® tienes la oportunidad de experimentar y afrontar las futuras tendencias y los nuevos mercados en materia de retail y posicionamiento de marca. Un retail tour es el siguiente paso para inspirarse y explorar qué posibilidades puede alcanzar tu negocio en el futuro, en el marco de las necesidades del usuario, sus intereses y su shopping experience.

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Bonobos: A revolutionary store that leaves you empty-handed // Bonobos: Una tienda revolucionaria que te deja con las manos vacías

bonobos-5.0Fuente imagen // Image source:

ECOMMERCE-2-popup  Fuente imagen // Image source:

oFuente imagen // Image source:

Nija customer serviceFuente imagen // Image source:

Customers spend three things while shopping: time, money and emotions. The last one is probably the most important to consider in the actual retail environment. Providing a memorable shopping experience is crucial and Bonobos is revolutionizing it completely.

One of the brand founders, Brian Spaly, started off by designing men’s pants with a better fit and cut. He and Andy Dunn launched Bonobos in 2007 as an exclusively online male fashion store. After the business grew and more and more customers started demanding on trying on the clothes before purchasing, the founders decided to open a brick-and-mortar Bonobos store. And so the first Guideshop was born in 2012.

The Guideshops are physical show rooms that offer all available sizing and color samples for try-on only. Customers sign up for personal appointments and the clothes can only be ordered at the online store or at the Guideshop with the help of the Ninjas, customer service representatives assisting with the shopping process. At the end of the personal appointment, clients receive an e-mail with fit and style preferences and, basically, go home empty-handed. Later, they can purchase the desired garments online and have them delivered at their doorstep in 1-2 days. Nowadays, there are 19 Guideshops throughout the US and a partnership with Nordstrom to sell the collection for those customers who do not live close to a Guideshop.

Bonobos is hybridizing the digital and physical retailing. The brand’s success lays in it being experience-centered, offering quality customer service and exclusively tailored clothes. The perks are endless: by stocking only one of every size per style, the stores are able to operate with less staff and square footage while giving the impression of a luxurious personal shopping experience, including style advice.

The main demographic are male Millennials looking for quality garments in addition to an easy and simple shopping experience. So Bonobos offers them exactly that: great clothes’ fit and less hassle purchasing them. Also, the customers have the ease of repeat purchases once they know their size and they no longer need to carry around heavy shopping bags. Forget about long queues and big crowds in the stores, there is an average of only 2-3 clients with personal appointments at the same time!

But Bonobos doesn’t stop here. Their latest challenge is applying the same strategy in women’s wear: launching the brand Ayr that offers quality essentials and specializes in denim products. We have to wait and see if women will embrace the same model.

On one of our brandcelona® retail tours, you are given the opportunity to experience and face the upcoming and new markets and trends within retail and brand positioning. A retail tour might be the next step to find inspiration and explore what possibilities your business can achieve, within customers needs, interests and shopping experience in the future.

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Los clientes consumen tres cosas al ir de compras: tiempo, dinero y emociones. Lo último es probablemente lo más importante a tener en cuenta en el entorno de retail actual. Proporcionar una experiencia de compra memorable es crucial y Bonobos la está revolucionando por completo.

Uno de sus fundadores, Brian Spaly, empezó diseñando pantalones masculinos de mejor corte y ajuste. Junto con Andy Dunn lanzaron Bonobos en 2007, una tienda exclusivamente online de moda masculina. Después del crecimiento del negocio y la demanda por parte de los clientes de probar la ropa antes de comprarla, los fundadores decidieron lanzar la primera tienda física de Bonobos. Así nació el primer Guideshop en 2012.

Los Guideshops son show rooms físicos que ofrecen muestras de todas las tallas y colores disponibles para pruebas solamente. Los clientes conciertan citas personales y la ropa sólo se puede pedir desde la tienda online o en el Guideshop con la ayuda de los Ninjas, representantes de servicio al cliente que ayudan en el proceso de compra. Al final de la cita personal, los clientes reciben un correo electrónico con sus preferencias de cortes y estilos y, básicamente, se van a casa con las manos vacías. Luego pueden comprar las prendas deseadas en línea y éstas les son entregadas en su puerta en 1-2 días. En la actualidad existen 19 Guideshops en todo Estados Unidos, además de una colaboración con Nordstrom para vender la colección para aquellos clientes que no viven cerca de un Guideshop.

Bonobos hibrida el retail físico con el digital. El éxito de la marca se basa en su centralidad en la experiencia, ofreciendo atención al cliente de calidad y ropa a medida. Las ventajas son infinitas: almacenando sólo una pieza de cada tamaño por producto las tiendas son capaces de operar con menos personal y metros cuadrados y, a su vez, dar la impresión de una experiencia personal de compras de lujo, incluyendo el asesoramiento en estilismo.

El perfil de cliente principal son hombres Millennials que buscan prendas de calidad, además de una experiencia de compra fácil y simple. Y Bonobos les ofrece exactamente eso: excelente ajuste de ropa y menos molestias a la hora de la compra. Además, los clientes tienen la facilidad de comprar de nuevo una vez conocen su talla sin tener que cargar con bolsas de compra pesadas por todas partes. Nada de colas ni de muchedumbres en la tiendas, ¡el promedio de clientes con citas personales es sólo de 2-3 clientes a la vez!

Pero Bonobos no termina aquí. Su último reto ha sido aplicar la misma estrategia en ropa femenina: el lanzamiento de la marca Ayr que ofrece prendas esenciales de calidad y se especializa en productos denim. Tendremos que esperar a ver qué recibimiento tiene entre las mujeres.

En un retail tour de brandcelona® tienes la oportunidad de experimentar y afrontar las futuras tendencias y los nuevos mercados en materia de retail y posicionamiento de marca. Un retail tour es el siguiente paso para inspirarse y explorar qué posibilidades puede alcanzar tu negocio en el futuro, en el marco de las necesidades del usuario, sus intereses y su shopping experience.

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Boulevard Pharmacy: the intangible value of a brand // Farmacia Boulevard: el valor intangible de una marca

FBOU_Img SkinSpa

FBOU_Img Interior2

FBOU_Img Interior1

We are proud to share with you one of the latest projects of Marc Guitart Strategic Brand Management, Boulevard Pharmacy, developed by Marc Guitart as Project Manager and Ana Lobo as Project Leader.

Located in Arroyomolinos, Madrid, Boulevard stands out as a pharmacy based on experiences, leaving behind the concept of a store-that-sells-medicine. Until now, this premise was the main characteristic of XX century’s pharmacies, but Boulevard belongs to a new model centered in the services and users’ necessities from the XXI century.

Boulevard Pharmacy is a space dedicated to the individual’s experience, based in innovation and development of user prioritized aspects: health, beauty and wellness.

Through a rigurous conceptualization process of the brand Boulevard and its corporate strategy, Boulevard’s values are translated into the space through the SoftPharmacy™ service (BoulevardSkinSpa™, BoulevardClass™ and BoulevardLab™) generating an efficient and optimal route for the customers, which pivots around the SkinSpa table of experiences, the pharmacy’s wow effect.

This new pharmacy style invites its users to feel happy, healthy and beautiful, in accordance with Boulevard’s philosophy: engaging into the best care through a humane and professional treatment and offering a high quality customer service.

In order to enrich the user experience, Boulevard decided to translate its presence into the world 2.0 and due to time being a very much valued good, Marc Guitart Strategic Brand Management developed the concept of Instant Pharmacy™, a service, which permits the users to place their orders through an app, choosing the pick-up time at the pharmacy, thus eliminating the annoying queues and improving the shopping process.

In the following links you will find more information about Boulevard Pharmacy:

Brandcelona retail consulting structures and executes working methods through consulting and the brand experience in commercial spaces. For any further information, please contact us by email at

— –

Estamos orgullosos de compartir con vosotros uno de los últimos proyectos de Marc Guitart Strategic Brand Management, la Farmacia Boulevard, desarrollado por Marc Guitart como Project Manager y Ana Lobo como Project Leader.

Ubicada en Arroyomolinos, Madrid, Boulevard destaca por ser una farmacia basada en las experiencias, que deja atrás el concepto de tienda que vende medicamentos. Esta premisa era hasta ahora la característica principal de las farmacias del s. XX, pero Boulevard pertenece a un nuevo modelo que se centra en los servicios y las necesidades del usuario del s. XXI.

Farmacia Boulevard es un espacio dedicado a la experiencia del individuo, basado en la innovación y el desarrollo de aspectos que el usuario actual prioriza: la salud, la belleza y el bienestar. Mediante un riguroso proyecto de conceptualización de la marca Boulevard y su estrategia corporativa, se trasladan los valores de marca al espacio de retail a través del SoftPharmacy™ (BoulevardSkinSpa™, BoulevardClass™ y BoulevardLab™), generando un recorrido eficaz y óptimo para los clientes, que pivota alrededor de la  mesa de experienciasl SkinSpa, efecto wow de la farmacia.

Este nuevo estilo de farmacia invita a sus usuarios a sentirse felices, sanos y bellos, de acuerdo con la filosofía de Boulevard: profundizar en los mejores cuidados a través de un trato humano y profesional ofreciendo una atención al cliente de alta calidad.

Para enriquecer la experiencia del usuario, Boulevard apuesta por trasladar su experiencia presencial al mundo 2.0 y debido a que el tiempo es un bien escaso muy preciado, Marc Guitart Strategic Brand Management desarrolla el concepto de Instant Pharmacy™, un servicio que permite a los usuarios realizar sus pedidos a través de una app, escogiendo la hora de recogida en la farmacia y eliminando así las molestas colas de espera para mejorar la experiencia de usuario y facilitar el proceso de compra.

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Brandcelona® retail consulting estructura metodologías de trabajo y actuación junto con el asesoramiento y la experiencia de marca en el espacio comercial. Para ampliar cualquier información al respecto, contacte con nosotros a través del email .

Designing experiences


Satisfaction through experience should be every 21st century company’s goal.

This is brandcelona®’s challenge and everyday work. For many customers it is an intangible thing, which seems smaller by the accelerated everyday needs and the market, and it is the reason why most of the businesses and traders aren’t conscious of it. For years in brandcelona® we know how to design, improve and audit the brand experience. And know that the customers’ loyalty and satisfaction largely depend on the brand experience offered at the moment and the one to be offered and innovated.

The experience that we offer our customers is our key differentiation from the competitors nowadays. Designing experiences allows us to encompass right from the beginning an incorporation traceability, management and customer loyalty. Previously in our work we devoted our efforts to design services, but international experience has allowed us to lead new experience design strategies that go far beyond the Service Design.

I still remember very well that when I started working my clients’ differentiator was their product or, at most, the service they offered. Today all this has been surpassed by all contexts that constantly shape the market. The commodity is now an element without perception of value, a product’s presentation could hardly stand out and be differentiated in the consumers’ minds with regard to the dozens of references that they see displayed every day. The service is already understood; therefore, the offered experience, intended to be told, communicated and to remain in the user’s mind, will be the key and the differentiating element value.

Any company or brand, whether intentionally or not, offers a specific experience to their customers. It has to be evaluated, measured and properly structured in time and space to see if it lives up to what people are really interested in being transmitted and, therefore, what we are going to be reminded of. In brandcelona® we have spent many years designing experiences. The fact of designing an experience is an interdisciplinary task, something that belongs to our spirit and is part of our methodology.

To a large extent, many companies still have a 20th century entrepreneurial mentality, legacy of the industrial revolution, where the product continues to be the star of the stage. In our action manual, however, we change completely the protagonist and we focus design on that intangible, flexible and immaterial element that is the experience, which is the most valuable, as it makes us recognizable, memorable and different. It is the great element that will allow us to continue growing in the future. In my opinion, these companies must be prepared to confront the new challenges this present century offers us: a demographic transformation and invasion which require us to have designed the shopping experience in order to be special. It is also true that a product is very easy to copy, and yet a business model or customer experience design is much more difficult to copy because of its intangibility, its special energy transforming power of the buyers and its special differentiating effect. The rules of the game have changed and the company’s present should transform alongside them. The whole design combination lays on the experience, which represents a step forward towards the differentiation and memorization in the eyes of our customers over our competitors.

In brandcelona® we design experiences contemplating all its shaping elements, placing the brand in the center axis acting as its own engine, and also the brand’s perception at each stage. Given that the clients live the experience and don’t consume it, it should be perceived in each and every element of the designed path in order to offer the desired experience.

The experience is perceived from different points of view: it is contemplated from a functional point of view as a solution to a need; a physical one based on sensory references; an emotional one due to the feelings a brand must offer on a totally psychological level; an intellectual one, due to the extended information that can offer us through the story being told and that provides entertainment or new knowledge; and finally, a spiritual one, given the company’s ethical behavior and its corporate social responsibility.

There are many interactions in the space and in time, and these shape our subjective perception. This is why it is also important the level of interaction an experience is able to create with its users, either in direct or indirect encounters, in different contact points and over time, in the temporary circle of before, during and after.

Customer satisfaction, a treasure desired by every brand, is the result of the added amount of experiences at each contact point. Everything should be designed to generate a desirable experience and to know how to direct the user to key moments that allow for the full capturing of his appeal, positioning us in respect to our competitors.

Brand satisfaction is the result of the brand experience always being greater than the expectation we have of it.

brandcelona®’s own registered methodological process allows us to design, improve and audit the experience each brand offers its customers.

brandcelona® wants to share this knowledge through the retail, the same way Barcelona has done it with its people and visitors. This way, through its essence, it can advise you on the most prominent aspects when designing an excellent user experience with your brand. Do not hesitate to contact us at

Marc Guitart
Founder of brandcelona®


La satisfacción a través de la experiencia debe ser el objetivo de cualquier empresa con una visión propia del siglo XXI.

Este es el reto y la labor diaria de brandcelona®. Para muchos clientes se trata de un intangible, el cual parece menor por las aceleradas necesidades del día a día y del mercado, y a ello se debe que buena parte de las empresas y comercios no tengan consciencia al respecto. Desde hace años, en brandcelona® sabemos cómo diseñar, mejorar y auditar la experiencia de una marca. Y sepa que de ella –de la que se quiera ofrecer e innovar y de la que se ofrece actualmente– depende buena parte de la fidelización y satisfacción del usuario.

La experiencia que ofrecemos a nuestros clientes es hoy en día la clave de diferenciación respecto a nuestros competidores. Diseñar una experiencia nos permite abarcar desde el inicio una trazabilidad de la incorporación, gestión y fidelización de los clientes. Anteriormente, en nuestra labor dedicábamos nuestros esfuerzos a diseñar servicios, pero nuestra experiencia internacional nos ha permitido liderar nuevas estrategias de diseño de experiencias que van mucho más allá del Service Design.

Aún recuerdo perfectamente que cuando empecé a trabajar el elemento diferenciador para mis clientes era su producto, o como mucho el servicio que ofrecían. A día de hoy todo esto ha sido superado por todos los contextos que moldean constantemente el mercado. El “commodity” es ahora un elemento sin percepción de valor, la presentación del producto difícilmente destacará y se diferenciará en la mente del consumidor respecto a las decenas de referentes que tiene y que visualiza cada día, y el servicio se da ya por entendido; por tanto, la experiencia que se ofrezca y que se pretenda relatar, transmitir y que permanezca en la mente del usuario, será el elemento de valor clave y diferenciador.

Cualquier empresa o marca, ya sea de manera intencionada o no, ofrece una determinada experiencia a sus clientes. Esta experiencia tiene que ser evaluada, medida y estructurada debidamente en el tiempo y en el espacio para saber si está a la altura de lo que realmente interesa transmitir y por lo que se nos va a recordar. En brandcelona® llevamos muchos años diseñando experiencias. Se trata de una tarea interdisciplinar y esto está en nuestro espíritu y forma parte de nuestra metodología de actuación.

Muchas empresas todavía tienen en buena parte una mentalidad empresarial del siglo XX, herencia de la revolución industrial, donde el producto sigue siendo la estrella de la escena. En nuestro manual de actuación, no obstante, cambiamos categóricamente de protagonista y ponemos el foco del diseño en ese elemento intangible, flexible e inmaterial que es la experiencia, pero que es el más valioso ya que nos hace reconocibles, memorables y diferentes. Es el gran elemento que nos permitirá seguir creciendo en el futuro. En mi opinión, estas empresas deben prepararse para afrontar los nuevos retos que nos ofrece este presente siglo, con una transformación e irrupción demográfica que nos exige tener diseñada la experiencia de compra, para ser especiales. También es cierto que un producto es muy fácil de copiar, y sin embargo un modelo de negocio o un diseño de experiencia de cliente es mucho más difícil de copiar por su intangibilidad, por su especial poder transformador de energías de los compradores y por su especial efecto diferenciador. Las reglas del juego han cambiado y con ello debe transformarse el presente de las empresas; el diseño del todo está en la experiencia, un paso más en la diferenciación y memorización por parte de nuestros clientes respecto a nuestros competidores.

En brandcelona® diseñamos experiencias contemplando todos los elementos que la configuran, disponiendo en el centro la marca como eje motor de la misma, y la percepción que se tiene de ella en cada uno de los estadios. Dado que los clientes viven la experiencia y no la consumen, ésta se debe percibir en cada uno de los elementos de la ruta diseñada para ofrecer la experiencia deseada.

La experiencia es percibida desde diferentes puntos de vista: se percibe desde un punto de vista funcional, como solución a una necesidad; físico, en base a las referencias sensoriales; emocional, debido a las sensaciones que debe ofrecer la marca a un nivel totalmente psicológico; intelectual, por la información ampliada que nos pueda aportar a través de la historia que nos cuenta, y que aporta entretenimiento o un nuevo conocimiento; y, por último, espiritual, dado el comportamiento ético de la empresa y su Responsabilidad Social Corporativa.

Las interacciones son múltiples en el espacio y en el tiempo, y éstas moldean nuestra percepción subjetiva; es por ello que también es importante el nivel de interacción que una experiencia sea capaz de crear con los usuarios, ya sea en encuentros directos y/o indirectos, en diferentes puntos de contacto y a lo largo del tiempo, en el círculo temporal del antes, el durante y el después.

La satisfacción del cliente –tesoro deseado por cualquier marca– será el resultado de la suma de experiencias en cada punto de contacto. Todo debe ser diseñado para generar una experiencia deseable y para saber dirigir al usuario hacia momentos clave que nos permitan ocupar el centro de su atracción, posicionándonos respecto a nuestros competidores.

La satisfacción de la marca es el resultado de que la experiencia de marca siempre sea superior a la expectativa que tenemos de la misma.

El proceso propio metodológico registrado de brandcelona® nos permite diseñar, mejorar y auditar la experiencia que ofrece cualquier marca a sus usuarios.

Brandcelona® quiere compartir este conocimiento a través del retail, tal y como Barcelona ha sabido hacerlo con su gente y sus visitantes. Así, a través de su esencia, te puede asesorar sobre los aspectos más destacados para diseñar una excelente experiencia de usuario sobre tu marca. No dudes en contactarnos en

Marc Guitart
Fundador de brandcelona®


Farenah Concept: a unique blend of fashion, art & design // Farenah Concept: уникална смесица от мода, изкуство & дизайн

farenah.conceptfarenah.concept.new_farenah.new_ Image source:

Farenah Concept is the first conceptual store in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1998 by Antoaneta Dyungelyan and her own fashion brand Ahau already has showrooms in Sofia and Paris. The shop was created to satisfy Bulgarian market’s necessity of a space that offers a careful selection of products in an innovative and inspiring environment. The showroom’s interior is characterized by an unusual combination of materials such as paper, textile and fibrocement. The furniture is subjected to the concept of flexibility and can be transformed into different shapes according to the spatial needs. The store has a sophisticated look with a rough industrial edge to it, which serves as a great backdrop to all the products on display.

Farenah Concept is a multifunctional space for gatherings and a showcase of new fashion, art and design trends. Farenah’s team is proud to describe the store as the ultimate shopping experience with exclusive products to the Bulgarian market and a unique blend of a fashion boutique, a lifestyle store and an art gallery. The team efforts have continuously been directed towards unexploited fields and offering an even fuller spectrum of high quality objects.

Farenah Concept also supports the work of established and up-and-coming Bulgarian artists by providing a platform for their work’s launching and implementation in public. The store frequently collaborates with different galleries for developing diverse art projects.

— –

Farenah Concept е първият концептуален магазин в България. Основан e през 1998 от Антоанета Дюнгелян и днес собствената ѝ модна марка Ahau има шоуруми в София и Париж. Магазинът е създаден, за да задоволи нуждата на българския пазар за пространство, което да предостави внимателно подбрана селекция от продукти по един новаторски и вдъхновяващ начин. Интериорът на шоурума се характеризира с необикновена комбинация от материали като хартия, текстил и фиброцимент. Обзавеждането е подчинено на идеята за гъвкавост и може да бъде трансформирано в различни форми спрямо пространствените нужди. Магазинът има изтънчен вид с контрастиращи груби индустриални нотки, което служи за отличен фон на изложените продукти.

Farenah Concept е мултифункционално пространство, домакин на събития и представяния на новите тенденции в модата, изкуството и дизайна. Екипът на Farenah с гордост описва магазина като най-модерното шопинг изживяване c ексклузивни за българския пазар продукти и уникална смесица от моден бутик, лайфстайл магазин и арт галерия. Усилията на екипа са постоянно насочени към неразработени области и към предлагането на още по-пълна гама от висококачествени предмети.

Cъщо така Farenah Concept спомага за работата на утвърдени и млади български творци, предоставяйки им платформа за изява и изпълнение на техните проекти пред публика. Магазинът често си сътрудничи с различни галерии за разработването на разнообразни творчески проекти.